My name is Milan Říha

Welcome to my Web Gallery

Photography has been a big hobby for me since childhood. I take photos mainly for fun and I mostly focus on landscape photography, wedding photography, portraits and photo documentation.

In photography I try to apply classical techniques, but in the post-process I also experiment with other methods such as HDR photography, creation of panoramas or abstract depiction of reality.


My photographic experience


I was born in Prague, but already in my youth I liked to run away with my parents, into the countryside outside the city limits. I fell in love with natural beauty and travel. Maybe that's why travel and landscape photography is just the imaginary number one for me.

I like to discover new places and I like to meet people who live there. I then try to present my experiences and feelings to others through captured photographs.

I was introduced to photography by my dad, who was and is a big fan of photography. During my photographic work, I first alternated between various analog devices and tried processing analog photographs in a darkroom, later I succumbed to the phenomenon of digital technology, which gives me more creative freedom in my work, especially in the postprocess. I'm currently using Canon and Fuji cameras, but that's not important for the final impression of the photo. The main thing for me is how photography affects the viewer. So I always try to give the photo something extra, some added value that should make the photo unique.

Thanks to my love for photography, I met a lot of great photographers and some of them became my friends. And that brought me to the Prague Fotoklub PCW, of which I have been a member since 2010 and in October 2011 I was elected its president.

You can follow my work at these links

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